From April, the new Brand Strategy & Development Division is established in Slovenská sporiteľňa, integrating the agenda of communication & sponsoring and marketing & digital services development teams. The strengthening of the brand at a time when new communication channels and services are introduced is one of the bank’s top priorities. Dáša Juríková is the head of this new division.

The new division consists of three departments:

  • Corporate Communication Department headed by Štefan Frimmer. Marta Cesnaková continues to serve as the bank’s spokesperson,
  • Marketing Communication Department headed by Peter Holík,
  • Brand Content Management, the position of Department Head is vacant at the moment.

„Slovenská sporiteľňa has excellent employees who understand numbers and digital world and it also creates extremely valuable content and support for the internal client and non-profit sector, education, culture, sport or the environment. I am confident that by combining our strengths and becoming customer-oriented, we will create added value and the bank will be perceived as a modern and socially responsible bank. As far as the organisational structure is concerned, it seemed logical to me to integrate marketing communication for internal and external clients, performance marketing for all sales channels and brand-generated content in the offline and online world. In corporate communications, we want to strengthen analytical content. I am thankful for the opportunity to provide my professional experience to strategically develop the most valuable brand in Slovakia (2014, PwC). I am looking forward to our joint effort and even though we start on 1 April, we are really serious about brand development :),“ said Dáša Juríková, Head of Brand Strategy & Development of Slovenská sporiteľňa.

Dáša Juríková graduated from the Comenius University where she studied environmentalism. From 2002 she worked for the insurance company Union as a marketing manager, later as Head of Corporate Communications. In 2007 she started to work for T-Mobile Slovensko as Senior Brand Manager. After that, she was responsible for marketing communication for the brand Telekom for three years and in the following three years; she managed the integrated team of marketing communication and digital services for the same brand. Her campaigns received numerous efficiency and creativity awards home and abroad. From June 2017, she was responsible for communication in Poštová banka. In March 2018, she joined Slovenská sporiteľňa and from April, she is responsible for the new Brand Strategy & Development Division. Dáša is the chairperson of the civic association People from marketing. 

Dáša Juríková

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