Funeral insurance

Securing funds for the costs related to the last farewell

  • Possibility to pay regularly or one-time
  • You can choose from different sums insured
  • Insurance claim paid very quickly

Advantages of funeral insurance

  • Leave nothing to chance and prepare your money in advance
  • You will unburden others as they will receive payment to cover your funeral costs
  • You will select who receives the money
  • You can pay regularly: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually
  • The insurance will be paid for 10 years or may be a one-time payment
  • You can choose from different sums insured: €2,000, €3,000, €5,000, €7,500 or €10,000. In the case of one-time paid insurance it can also be €1,500
  • The insurance premium is calculated on the basis of the sum you chose, as well as on the age of the client
  • Insurance term and claims
    • the insurance term is indefinite, the insurance exists until the occurrence of the insured event (death of the insured)
    • the insurance company pays the agreed claim to a predefined person

Funeral insurance conditions

  • Age during a normal insurance premium payment period: from 18 to 70 years
  • Age during a one-time insurance premium payment: from 18 to 85 years