Insurance LIFE

Secure a better life for you and your family

  • Capital-investment insurance
  • Possibility of higher yield from the investment part of the insurance
  • Adjustment of the insurance parameters to actual life needs

Advantages of insurance LIFE

  • Modern flexible combination of capital and investment insurance for adults and children
  • Insurance in the case of death from whichever cause or living until the end of the insured period
  • Guaranteed sums insured with additional appreciation
  • Exceptional deposits or withdrawals even from €150
  • Conclusion of child insurance also without the need of their presence or legal representative

Possibilities of additional insurance

  • Death caused by an injury
  • Permanent injury consequences
  • Serious illness
  • Fractures
  • Hospitalization due to an injury
  • Hospitalization due to an illness
  • Insurance for all the children for permanent disorders and serious illnesses

What do you get from the insurance

  • Insurance protection over the entire period
  • Guaranteed sums insured + additional appreciation
  • Exceptional yields from the investment part
  • Loyalty bonus at the end of the insured period
  • Insurance claim paid to a person, defined by you, within 15 days from the end of the occurrence examination and without any further fees

Conditions of the insurance LIFE

Insurance is designed for children and adults.


  • For a regular premium payment - from 0 to 60 years
  • For a one-time premium payment - from 0 to 80 years

Minimum insurance period

  • For a regular premium payment - 10 years
  • For a one-time premium payment - 5 years