Mortgage without barriers

Fulfill your dream of living with a mortgage from 0.79% p. a.


  • interest rate from 0.79% with the 1-year fixed term and the Smart combination program,
  • we will order the expert opinion for you,
  • processing fee now reduced to EUR 300 for everyone,
  • each year a total of 2 extraordinary instalments up to 20% of loan principal free of charge; one is provided in accordance with the law and one as a bonus,
  • If the loan-to-value does not exceed 70%, you don’t have to document the loan purpose,
  • we will provide you with gradual financing as your real estate under construction increases value,
  • you can also transfer your mortgage without having to document your income,
  • etraordinary repayment and early repayment at any time and free of charge.

Mortgage without barriers is a Housing loan.