More than 720,000 Slovaks are already
enjoying the smart digital banking George

Šikovné digitálne
bankovanie George
si užíva už viac
ako 720 000

New features added to George:

Financial manager: view your funds by means of transparent graphs. Analyse your transactions based on categories assigned to them. It’s really simple.

Mobile application George

It is as perfect as the web version with several added practical features. Bank with George even in your phone with our new smart app.

Quick installation

Anyone can use their smartphone to bank with George. Start by downloading the application in the application store. Then you just need to follow the onscreen instructions.

Simple login 

You don’t need to enter your login name and password each time. In order to log in to the mobile application George, you just need to enter your 6-digit PIN code.

Payments by scanning 

Use the camera on your smartphone to scan IBANs, QR codes and postal money orders and make your payments simpler and easier.


Intuitive search 

You can search for transactions not only by names in the address book but also by time or by merchants where you made the purchase. 


Online purchase 

Have a look at the offer of bank products prepared especially for you. Choose the one you like and purchase it directly in George, without having to visit the branch. 

Card management 

Has your card been stolen or you simply can’t find it? Did you forget your PIN code? In George, you will find important services that will help you out. 

How to work with George?

Why did we name the banking George?

We were inspired by the story of Lawrence Sperry, who had invented the first autopilot 100 years ago and named it George. The expression "Leave it to George" became part of aviatic vernacular. Therefore, George is something like an autopilot that will guide you safely through electronic banking. From now on, you will have a better overview of your finances. Do you want to learn the whole story of the first autopilot?