Insurance for purchased goods


  • the goods are insured for the first 10 days from purchase for the case of destruction, damage, or theft
  • you have the service activated automatically
  • applies to holders of Generous card, VISA Classic, and VISA Gold credit cards

Benefits of insurance

  • goods that you pay for by credit card are, for the first 10 days from payment, insured against financial loss caused by mechanical damage or complete destruction, or against theft
  • the insurance covers the costs for repair of damage to the goods, and for compensation of damage in the case of destruction or theft
  • the service applies to you automatically; there is no need to register the goods anywhere
  • insurance indemnity without any excess charge
  • for holders of the Generous card, VISA Classic, VISA Gold credit cards
  • the maximum sum insured per year is €1000 for VISA Classic and Generous and credit cards, and €2500 for the VISA Gold card
  • The insurance applies to products purchased in Slovakia in physical stores or via the internet

The insurance does not cover

  • artworks, securities, precious metals,
  • food, tobacco,
  • fuels, building materials,
  • medicines, optical aids, medical devices and equipment,
  • accessories for cars, or boats,
  • handmade products, and custom-made products,
  • goods purchased for resale,
  • goods purchased for business use (e.g. multifunction photocopiers).