Generous card

A regular shopping card for those who prefer a simple method of charging

Benefits of the Generous card

  • contactless embossed credit card Visa Classic,
  • credit line from €300 to €3,000;
  • you have your finances immediately available following approval; you do not have to wait for the card; you can draw funds at the branch or from the account (more about the service),
  • monthly fee only €0.50 – €2 (depending on the amount of the credit line. Pay using your card with a credit line of €2,000 or more, and pay monthly 30% of the credit line provided, and you have it free of charge;
  • Moneyback loyalty program in George app
  • goods, you pay for by card are automatically insured for the first 10 days;
  • money available up to 50 days interest-free expressed as a convenience fee (valid for both cash and cashless transactions when paying the full amount due by the respective due date);
  • you can flexibly set the repayment day and repayment amount (at latest by the 20th day of the month and at least in the amount of the minimum repayment installment);
  • SMS notifications on payments;
  • with the Smart Purchase service, you get money from your credit card to your current account, quickly and without approval, with a 10-month gradual repayment term,
  • Show me PIN in the web George or George app;
  • You can get a Generous Card even if you don’t have a current account with us.

Your new George card will come in a stylish package, in which you will find all the necessary information

Pay using your Generous card with a credit line of €2,000 or more, and pay monthly 30% of the credit line provided, and you have it free of charge:

We will refund your monthly primary credit card fee to your account at the start of the following month.

The total does not include cash withdrawals, cancelled transactions, amounts returned for returns or claims, special transactions (gambling, lottery, betting or foreign currency purchases at a currency exchange), or funds drawn through  the Quick Draw (Rýchle čerpanie) service or paying off another credit card.

What do I need in order to get a Generous card?

If you are over 18, you just need to show your ID and have a regular income.

Eco-friendly card

The card is made of the environmentally degradable material. The new card decomposes to 99%; it is made of a material that decomposes quickly in organic compost.

How to get a Generous card

Meeting at the branch

Make an appointment at your nearest branch

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