Generous Card

Card for daily purchases

  • we will reward you for purchases with a Generous card
  • your purchases are automatically insured
  • you don’t even need to have a current account with us

Advantages of the Generous Card

  • Contactless embossed VISA Classic credit card
  • Credit limits: €300, €600, €900, €1,200, €1,500, €2,000, €2,500 and €3,000
  • We will reward you for purchases
    • up to 0.5% from the purchases values thanks to the reward for paying with the card
    • advantageous purchases with the Bonus+ loyalty program at program partners, e.g. pharmacies, perfume shops or electronics stores (more at
    • immediate benefits and discounts from 5 to 30% with the Sphere loyalty program
  • Goods, for which you pay by card, are automatically insured for the first 10 days
  • Easy purchases in stores and on the internet
  • Immediate Credit: you will leave our bank with the money immediately after your card is approved. You can decide if you want to take the money in cash or transfer to your account. Thus you can get paid half of the amount of the credit limit.
  • Funds available up to 50 days without interest for your convenience (applies for cash and non-cash transactions when paying the entire debt sum by the respective due date)
  • The due date and the instalment amount is set by you in a flexible manner (no later than the 20th day of a month and at least the minimum instalment sum)
  • Balance overview via SMS, at ATMs, and through Internetbanking
  • Topping up phone cards at ATMs
  • You can get the Generous card even if you don’t have a current account with us

Pay with the Generous card as soon as possible and we will refund you the issue fee

  • Pay with the card in first 30 days after the issue fee was paid
  • Pay for at least three purchases totalling at least €100 with the card
  • We will reward you for that and will refund you the fee for its issue

Use the Generous card with a credit line of EUR 2,000 and above to draw more than 30% of your credit line monthly and the card is free of charge:

  • we will credit the paid monthly fee for the main credit card back to your account at the beginning of the following month,
  • not included in this amount is cash withdrawals, cancelled transactions, sums credited because of a goods return or for complaints, special transactions (payments for gambling, lottery, betting or payments for foreign currencies in an exchange office), nor for Immediate Credit sums or for paying off another credit card.

What do you need to get the Generous card?

If you are aged 18 or more, an ID is needed plus one identification document and a regular income.

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