How to keep control of my phone?

  • You and your PC, cell phone and tablet are the targets of internet fraudsters, not the bank.
  • Before using Internetbanking, we recommend you to update your computer’s operation system, as well as the internet browser and antivirus program.
  • If your computer is not protected sufficiently, you and your money are exposed to the risk of misuse.

Fake website

  • Fake Internetbanking websites look the same as the original website at first sight
  • Some functionalities are often missing, while the others are there that you don’t need
  • A fake website requires data or actions, which the bank does not standardly require
  • In this way, hackers may want you to a download fake mobile application (e.g. for the purpose of better security for your account) or provide personal data (e.g. a phone number)
  • There are often typical grammatical errors on fake websites.
  • Only log in from an official website of the bank, or directly through the address
  • In the address bar, check if you are connecting through a secured protocol https
  • In some browsers this bar is coloured green and there is a lock icon.