VISA elektronická payment card

Advantageous card for everyday use

  • Internet and in store purchases
  • Fast contactless payments
Important numbers

Total limit

€3,500 a day

Cash back

max. €50 when paying in store

Advantages of the Bonus+ program

over 10 % off at certain businesses

Advantages of the VISA elektronická card

  • You will obtain an embossed debit payment card for accounts with us
  • Unlimited number of non-cash payments in certain types of accounts
  • Withdrawals from our ATMs and from ERSTE ATMs which are free with some type of accounts
  • Contactless payments for fast purchases
  • Payment orders, checking your account balance, topping up phone cards and changing PIN codes directly at the ATM
  • Cash withdrawals through a POS terminal in selected stores (Cash back service)
  • ATM withdrawal up to €1,500 a day plus daily limits for noncash payments up to €2,000
  • Card valid for 3 years
  • Own card design
  • With the Bonus+ program you will get a discount of over 10% in selected stores (more on
  • Advantageous travel insurance

How can I get the VISA elektronická card?

You can obtain the payment card for the following types of account: Personal Account, Personal Account Exclusive, Personal Account Young, Personal Account Student, SPOROgiro in domestic or foreign currency and SPOROgiro Senior.