Modern and secure
paying online

Now you can pay by card online even more securely


Procedure when paying

What card payment will look like


You can register your card only if:

  • on the card, you have a limit for online payments set to a value greater than zero and, at the same time,
  • you have your mobile number stored with us.

You can easily set or change limits or a phone number:

New clients:

  • for new clients who meet the conditions, we register the service automatically.

Existing clients:

  • debit card holders can register for the service by meeting the conditions and subsequent registration during a purchase,
  • credit card holders will have their cards registered automatically after meeting the conditions.

Where you pay

  • at merchants supporting 3D Secure, recognised by the logo:
  • at merchants not supporting the 3D Secure service, you will pay as before. You will only confirm the payment only by card details, without needing to enter an SMS code