A modern electronic banking
developed for the specific needs of companies


A modern electronic banking developed for the specific needs of companies

You can now manage even the complex business easily

Moreover, the intuitive control system makes your work faster and easier

  • processing of files with large number of transactions,
  • individual overviews of payments.
  • clear graphical representation,
  • dynamic form to enter the payment order, application can recognize the type of payment,
  • intuitive control,
  • without a primary installation or a installation of further updates.
  • the most demanding clients can set the random combination of signature rules,
  • remote signature of transaction, you only need to be online,
  • notification for selected important payments.

Premium package

Do you always want to have at hand detailed information about your existing or potential business partners? You can find out what their payment discipline is, what debts they have or what is written about them in the media. Simply activate the Premium Package directly in the Business24 electronic banking. All information from our databases will then be available to you directly in electronic banking. In addition, you receive the service completely free of charge for the first month, so you can try it out without having to pay anything.

Your favourite corporate electronic banking, now made even better

Are you using Internet Explorer?

It's time to switch to a safer browser. Internet Explorer is no longer supported, which means that you may not be able to access all functionality and you may encounter errors while using Business24. To avoid banking problems, we recommend you use a different, safer web browser.

Why does Business24 no longer support Internet Explorer?

Due to the fact that Microsoft has been phasing out the support for Internet Explorer browser and replacing it with the new Edge browser, we decided to drop the support for Internet Explorer in Business24. Security is of key importance when it comes to managing finances. Having a browser with phased out updates and technical support lowers its security.  It does not mean that Business24 will stop working in Explorer. However, some of its features may become unavailable. In order to be able to bank securely with Busienss24 and enjoy all the features it offers, please use a different browser (such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari).