Business24 mobile application

First application which makes life easier for businesses

With this application you can manage your funds, sign transactions prepared by your accountant, pay using QR codes and much more. And one look or touch is all it takes to log in.

  • you can log in using Face ID, Touch ID or with a 6-digit PIN code
  • push notifications for free

Simple login

The login is simple – depending on the type of device you can log in using Face ID, Touch ID or with a 6-digit PIN code.

A few clicks is all it takes

With this simple and intuitive application you can monitor your payments, account movements, enter payments by scanning QR codes and IBANs, or using templates created in the web version of Business24. In addition to standard payments, you can also make TARGET and cross-border payments.

Overview of accounts for various companies

If you have accounts for several companies set up in Business24, you will be able to access all of them at the same time. And you can filter these accounts of individual companies as you prefer.

Pending and non-executed transactions

On the homepage you will see payments which need to be signed. You will also find a list of non-executed payments and in certain cases, you can re-enter these payments or cancel them.

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