Business Account for Companies

Business Account
for Companies

Business accounts S, M and L

Choose a package according to how you actively use the account

* A discount of 50% of the monthly fee for maintaining the Account is applied if the relevant number of transactions in the package was carried out in the previous calendar month: for Business account S it is min. 51 transactions, for Business account M min. 201 transactions and for Business account L min. 501 transactions.

Products and services that simplify your business


  • George with a mobile app, simple and intuitive
  • Business24 for more demanding clients with special needs

Payment cards full of benefits

Popular contactless payments, higher limits, and many useful benefits not only for your business. In addition, you can also pay quickly and securely by mobile phone.

Accept payments without cash

Allow your business partners and customers to pay cashless and thus expand your business, thanks to which you can increase your sales.

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