A modern electronic banking
developed for the specific needs of companies


A modern electronic banking developed for the specific needs of companies

Manage your business finances conveniently and easily

Svoje financie máte vždy pod kontrolou

V kancelárii alebo na cestách máte svoje financie vždy na dosah vďaka webovej a mobilnej aplikácii.

Intuitívne a prehľadné zobrazenie

Vďaka prehľadnému zobrazeniu a intuitívnemu dizajnu bude vaša práca efektívnejšia.

Práca s veľkým množstvom transakcií

Či potrebujete spracovať 10 alebo 10 000 transakcií, zvládnete to s prehľadom.

Flexibilné nastavenie podpisových pravidiel

Podpísanie transakcie pripravené účtovníkom nie je problém. Možnosť notifikácie pre dôležité platby.

Download the mobile application Business24

  • you can manage your funds,
  • sign transactions prepared by your accountant,
  • push notifications for free,
  • pay using QR codes and much more.

Premium package

Získajte detailné informácie o existujúcich či potenciálnych obchodných partneroch či udalostiach z ekonomiky priamo v elektronickom bankovníctve Business24

Media report and additional opportunities

Daily news about the most important events in the economy and in the society.

Company analysis

A unique service to help you reduce your business risk.

Vyskúšajte si výhody Premium balíka

Your favourite corporate electronic banking, now made even better

Are you using Internet Explorer?

It's time to switch to a safer browser. Internet Explorer is no longer supported, which means that you may not be able to access all functionality and you may encounter errors while using Business24. To avoid banking problems, we recommend you use a different, safer web browser.

Why does Business24 no longer support Internet Explorer?

Due to the fact that Microsoft has been phasing out the support for Internet Explorer browser and replacing it with the new Edge browser, we decided to drop the support for Internet Explorer in Business24. Security is of key importance when it comes to managing finances. Having a browser with phased out updates and technical support lowers its security.  It does not mean that Business24 will stop working in Explorer. However, some of its features may become unavailable. In order to be able to bank securely with Busienss24 and enjoy all the features it offers, please use a different browser (such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari).