Mailbanking security

For the purpose of security and better transfer, we will send you coded messages through one of these programs: ZIP or PGP. You may choose the coding method according to your preference (you will specify it in an agreement).

To read (decode) the accepted files properly, you will have one of the following compressing files on your computer: pkunzip.exe or pgp.exe.

If you don’t have these files, you can download them through the internet: WinZip, PKUNZIP, PGP.


If you choose message encryption by the PGP program before we start to send you the coded messages, you needed to: 

  • Send us your PGP public key as a file together with its fingerprint. If you use the PGP 7.0 version or a higher version, then please generate your public key as PGP-DHDSS. The use of the PGP-RSA key, generated by newer versions of PGP, is not possible due to their incomplete backward compatibility
  • Load our public key
  • Fingerprint of your public key is:
    F27C 5D5C A48D B335 48C1 8060 E7DF 84C9 9B91 E780

You may decode the sent file properly only after successful exchange of public keys.

If a problem occurs...
In you have any comments about the services or any technical problems, send us a message to our address at