Internet payments – 3D Secure service

With 3D Secure, your card payments over the internet will be even more secure

  • a modern online payment method with the highest possible protection
  • your internet purchases will now be protected by a free one-time SMS code
  • applies to all debit and credit cards issued by Slovenská sporiteľňa



With 3D Secure, you have an overview of your online purchases, and the service also minimizes the risk of your card data misuse, as you also need your mobile phone to make payments. The code itself is one-time, limited in time, and can not be used for any other transaction.


Simply enter the code from the SMS and the payment is complete. For each transaction, you will receive a new code.


SMS with 3D Secure Code will arrive in a matter of seconds.

It's free

SMS messages with codes are free, regardless of the number of transactions executed.

Payment process

What will the new card payment look like on the Internet:


Where do you pay?