What is the difference between the available and the accounting balance of the account?

The actual balance displays information about the actual state of your account and part of the funds may not be available.

The available balance is the sum that can be used. This is the actual balance less the minimum account balance and the amount of prohibitions and reservations, or on the contrary, increased by the amount of an authorized overdraft. An account reservation comes from a withdrawal from an ATM machine by a payment card issued for the account or a payment by card through a POS terminal. After the transaction the drawn or paid amount is deducted from the available balance and transferred to the reserve. The actual deduction will be made when the recipient’s bank sends a request for the deduction to your account (dealer). After the actual deduction the amount displayed also in turnovers and is deducted from the actual balance. Our bank cannot influence the speed at which the request to deduct the transaction is sent.