We use effective technologies.

Our bank services are protected against external threads and risks by a “Firewall“. The communication channel between the bank and the client is secured by the latest 256-bit encryption even for transferring data between your mobile device and our systems.

The Internetbanking server of our bank https://ib.slsp.sk has a security certificate issued by the worldwide acknowledged certificate authority VeriSign.

If you select the security item with the highest protection (Digital Secure Key = EOK), you can verify directly in the application that you communicated with ib.slsp.sk.

We encrypt data

Internetbanking is secured by the SSL (“Secure Socket Layer“)protocol, which is displayed at the address by s (https://). This is a security protocol used to verify the identity of a server to which you are connected. It ensures that data transferred between you and the bank is protected and secure. You data will be encrypted before being transferred from your computer. Many latest internet browser versions will notify you that you are entering a secured page.

We carry out high quality verification

Our high quality verification technology ensures that only an authorized person can access your account. Currently, our bank provides the following security items: login password, electronic key (EOK) and SMS key.
The login password is used for authorized access to applications and authorizes you to browse information about an account that you have the right to use. Mobile applications enable the login name and password to be replaced by a simple 4-digit PIN code. EOK and the SMS key are security items used to sign payment orders and bank operations through the Internetbanking and Telephonebanking services. We recommend using security items with higher security protection (EOK and SMS key).

We automatically log you out

If you forget to logout from Internetbanking or the connection between the bank and your computer is inactive for a certain time, you will be automatically logged out to prevent other persons accessing your account. As standard, the time “session“ in Internetbanking is set for 15 minutes.