Situations that may occur.

Changing a login password

Do it on a computer that is not infected by a virus (e.g. Trojan horse), or by phone through Client Centre service.

You have received a suspicious E-mail

Send it to us together with the attachments. We will try to find out the details.

You have clicked on fraudulent links in E-mail

Immediately check your device with an actual antivirus program.

You have entered your details on a phishing site

Immediately notify us through the Client centre line or go to any bank branch.

You have disclosed suspicious person data about your account

Immediately call the Client centre number

Your internet banking account is blocked

Ask for a new login password.

You have published data about your card

We recommend blocking it through the line Client centre.

You suspect data about your account has been misused

Notify the Client centre.

You have received financial funds on your account from an unknown source

This may involve money laundering or another serious criminal activity. Immediately call the Client centre