Secure your mobile device.

If you administer your money through mobile access (mobile telephone, tablet, etc.) observe the security rules. Protect your device and the data in it so that unauthorized people cannot reach it.

Protect your mobile device

The first step to mobile security is to realize that the security of your mobile device is as important as that of your computer. Prevent unauthorized people accessing your device, applications and your accounts and money.

Do not share your mobile device with other people and do not leave it unattended.

Observe the same security principles and rules that apply to computers.

Keep your mobile device updated and safe (operating system and applications).

Do not install unverified and untrusted applications in mobile devices. When communicating with the bank only use applications recommended by the bank on its Easybanking page.

Do not save access data to electronic banking services in a mobile device.

Remember the IMEI number of your mobile telephone (number *#06#) and save it in a safe place. If your device is lost or stolen you will need this number to block it with the operator.