Protect your identity and bank accounts.

Be careful about the information you give to a large group of people. Offenders often use social networks as a source of information.

Never publish personal data that can be used to identify you for other people.

Never provide your personal identification data to systems applications, electronic services, cards (e.g. login name, password, PIN codes, security codes, numbers of payment cards, control codes, etc.) to anyone (even family members or unknown people pretending to be bank employees).

The bank will never ask you for information about your accounts, login data, codes for electronic banking services or payment cards.

Regularly change your electronic banking service password (e.g. each month) and do not use the same password in other applications and Internet pages (mainly social networks).

When creating a password use a combination of small and capital letters (the security of a password is decreased if you use your name and surname, date of birth, etc.).