I sent money to an incorrect account number. What do I do?

If the incorrectly typed account in the recipient’s bank does not exist, the domestic transfer will be returned to the payer’s account within 3 - 5 working days (depends on the processing in the recipient’s bank, the period is longer for a foreign transfer,), if the account exists, the transfer will be made. To get the transfer back, the “Application for the return / cancellation” of a transfer must be used at a branch of the bank. After receiving the application, the bank will send the recipient’s bank a request to return / cancel the transfer. The bank’s fee for processing the application is € 10 for a domestic transfer (SEPA) or € 16.60 for a cross-border transfer. If the foreign bank charges other fees for processing the application to return / cancel a transfer, these fees are covered by the payer. A transfer can also be returned / cancelled by calling the non-stop Client centre on 0850 111 888 (from abroad +421 258 268 111). An application to return a domestic transfer (SEPA) is processed by the bank as soon as possible (generally within 5 working days - the legal period is 30 days, for cross-border transfers in at least 180 days).