Your new eco card

  • colourful design and new stylish package
  • card made from new biodegradable material
  • extended 4-year card validity
  • another card for a close person via George for free

What do you say to your new George card in its stylish package? Whether you carry it in your wallet or upload it to your mobile phone or smart watch, it won’t let you down.
And it will also get you a discount.

How to activate your card

Before you start using the card fully, don’t forget to activate it. You can do this easily:

  • directly in George – on the web or in the app

    Note – you will see the card in George as soon as we make it. However, activate it only after we deliver it to you.
  • by entering the PIN for the first time when paying by card or making an ATM withdrawal

    If you activate the card by paying at a terminal, you will need to insert it in the terminal, not just place it on top.

Tip: Do you want to pay by card even before delivery? Simply add the new, still inactive card to Google Pay or Apple Pay via the George app. You can start paying by phone or watch immediately.

How to find the PIN code

  • You can view the PIN code for your eco card in a few clicks in George. It is simple, see how.
  • You can view the PIN code for a newly created card 24 hours after you have applied for a card.
  • For a Visa Junior card of a child aged under 15, the PIN cannot be displayed in George; it is necessary to wait for delivery by post.

Mobile payments

  • Forgot your wallet, or just don’t want to carry cards? No matter. You can pay also by mobile or watch.
  • Add your debit card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, or Garmin Pay for a simple, convenient, and modern way to pay. And not just in stores, but also on the web or in apps.

Discounts on shopping with George Moneyback

George Moneyback – get your money back

Activate the free Moneyback service in the George app, choose your favourite merchants and shop with them. Each month we will return some of the money you paid to merchants by card, mobile phone, or watch.

With the new eco card you will get some interesting improvements

The card is made of the environmentally degradable material. The new card decomposes to 99%; it is made of a material that decomposes quickly in organic compost.

At Slovenksá sporiteľňa you can return any old payment card for recycling from another bank, even one from another bank. For this purpose, we have special collection containers in each branch. We ecologically dispose of the collected cards and recycle them. Bring your old cards to us, too.

With the new eco card you will get some interesting improvements