Smart Purchase service

Did you have a bigger purchase and you would need cash for something else?

  • money back to your current account
  • quickly and without approval
  • you repay the amount over 10 months
  • with every Generous or credit card

What we offer

Smart purchase with your Generous or credit card (for Gold cards from January 2019)

  • money for any purchase made / payment back to your current account or,
  • money for any new planned purchase / payment,
  • without approval, up to the available balance on the card account,
  • you can get money for any expenses – for example insurance premium, down-payment for a holiday, school fees, health expenses and other,
  • you can also use it for account transfers, regular purchases or ATM withdrawals.

How the service works

  1. Did you make a payment from a current account (transfer, or using a debit card), and you would like to use the money paid for something else?
  2. Over the phone we will agree on the amount you want to receive – from € 150 to € 1,000 (Purchase), however up to the amount of your available balance on your card account.
  3. We will transfer the agreed Purchase amount from your Generous / credit card to your current account and you can access it immediately.
  4. We will split the purchase made by the Generous / credit card into 10 instalments – the Decimals.
  5. Once per month, we'll charge your account with the Decimal and fee. We will charge the first Decimal with the fee on the day of service delivery.
  6. You can have several Smart purchases up to the available credit balance on your Generous / credit card.

Example of service operation

The Purchase amount is limited by the amount of available balance on your card account.

For specific fee levels depending on the amount of the Purchase, see Interest rates for credit cards.

Why is the service convenient

  • you pay only a monthly Fee for the Smart Purchase, according to the agreed Purchase amount,
  • no Fee for the comfort or interest,
  • exactly defined duration,
  • you can terminate the service at any time without any fees.

For more information or service activation