Smart Purchase service

Did you have a bigger purchase and you would need cash for something else?

  • money back to your current account
  • quickly, without needing approval
  • you repay the amount gradually over 10 months
  • you repay the amount gradually over 10 months • for each Generous or credit card

What we offer

Smart Purchase for your Štedrá or credit card (for Gold cards from January 2019)

  • money for any purchase/payment made back to your current account, or,
  • money for any new planned purchase/payment,
  • without needing approval, up to the amount of the available balance on the card account,
  • you can get money for any expenses – e.g. insurance premiums paid, advance payments for holidays, school payments, medical expenses, and others,
  • you can use it also in transfers from your account, ordinary purchases, or ATM withdrawals.

How the service works

  1. Have you made a payment from your current account (by transfer, debit card), and the money you paid could be used for something else?
  2. We will agree over the phone the amount you wish to be paid back – from €150  to €1000 (Purchase), at maximum, though, up to the amount of your available balance on the card account.
  3. We will transfer the agreed amount of the Purchase from the Generous/credit card to your current account, and you will be able to use it immediately.
  4. We will divide the purchase on the Generous/credit card into 10 parts – Tenths.
  5. Once a month, we will charge a tenth of the Purchase and a fee to your card account. We charge the first Tenth with the fee on the day the service is provided.
  6. You can also have several Smart Purchases at the same time, up to the available balance of the total credit limit of your Generous/credit card.

Example of service operation

The amount of the Purchase is limited by the amount of the available balance on your card account.

You can find the specific amounts of fees depending on the amount of the Purchase in the Credit cards interest rates

Advantages of using the service

  • you pay only the monthly Fee for the Smart Purchase, according to the agreed Purchase amount,
  • no comfort fee or interest,
  • precisely set duration,
  • you can terminate the service at any time free of charge.

For more information or for activating the service