Currency Option – FX Option


  • the right to the agreed transaction at an agreed exchange rate
  • limit currency losses
  • also exotic currency pairs

Currency Option Advantages – FX Option

  • with an option you purchase a right, not an obligation to execute the agreed trade
  • in case of unfavourable exchange rate development you are limiting your loss
  • hedging costs are limited by the amount of option premium paid
  • the amount of premium depends on the agreed exchange rate, time period, rates of individual currencies and expected future rates
  • execute trades also in exotic currency pairs
  • exchange funds from one currency to another one in the predetermined amount, at a predetermined exchange rate and on a predetermined day
  • in order to obtain the product, you need to meet the following conditions
    • minimum volume of the trade of EUR 25,000
    • signed contractual documentation
  • may be concluded in major global and regional currencies

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