Term contracts – Futures

Trades with the future

  • you will obtain access to the main European, American and Asian derivatives stock exchanges
  • high liquidity in the markets with financial futures

Description of term contracts – Futures

  • Futures is a standardized term contract traded on the stock exchange
  • by its purchase you get the right to sell or buy the underlying asset at a predefined time and for a predefined price
  • the underlying asset can be in the form of
    • a commodity – Commodity Futures
    • a financial asset – Financial Futures
  • Futures are mostly settled in cash and only rarely in the form of a physical delivery
  • Slovenská sporiteľňa receives instructions only for Financial Futures – term contracts, the value of which unfolds in line with the development of market prices of the financial underlying asset
    • currency
    • interest rate
    • bond
    • bond index
  • contract conditions abide by the rules of a particular stock exchange
  • only in currencies EUR and USD

To obtain a product you need to sign the contract documentation.

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