Financing of Contracts

Enhances your competitiveness in domestic market and abroad

Contract Financing Advantages

Financing of contracts enhances your competitiveness in domestic market and abroad. On the basis of your business contract with the customer we will finance the entire business cycle from the purchase of material and subcontracting to production and we will take care of collection of payment from the customer.

  • obtaining of funds to finance larger orders
  • purpose financing of costs related to the contract
  • monitoring of domestic and foreign customer, as well as the entire business case
  • assumption of the solvency risk by the bank while combining a loan and purchase of a receivable

Contract financing description:

  • it is a purpose financing of business contract between you as a supplier and a customer – a domestic or foreign company.
  • you finance a purchase, production and receivables towards the customer with a loan.
  • the loan is repaid from the received payment from the customer.
  • the amount of financing depends on contract costs and cash flow. 
  • financing is usually up to 80 % of the contract price. 
  • purpose of the drawing is documented by submission of supplier invoices.
  • you document the occurrence of a receivable from the contract by submission of customer invoices and by their payment to a special account.

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