SPORObusiness Custody

An account for the needs of notaries and executors:

  • free of charge
  • standard transactions free of charge
  • bank statements free of charge

Advantages of the SPORObusiness Custody account

  • This account is designed for funds deposits, which
    • the notary has accepted for custody within his notary activity – notarized custody,
    • the executor gained for the benefit of the authorized person within the execution procedure – yields from execution,
  • in EUR, USD, CZK, GBP currencies,
  • no payment card is issued for this account,
  • standard transactions are free of charge,
  • internetbanking and SMS services free of charge,
  • transactions on the notarized custody accounts are performed on the basis of a cash or non-cash certificate of deposit/withdrawal, issued by a notary,
  • in the case of accounts designed for enforcement yields, the standard procedure shall apply, so there is no need for transaction certificates,
  • to open this account you need:
    • certificate of appointment to your legal office,
    • identification document from a notary/executor.

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