Emissions trading

Beneficial limits for you

  • Optional maturity within the respective conditions
  • Free of charge for execution or settlement
  • Market quotations of spot and forward prices of emission permits

Specifics of emission trading

  • Designed mainly for the mandatory participants of the National Emission Allowances Registry
  • You can solve the problem of insufficient/surplus amount of emission permits byspot (immediate) or forward buying/selling
  • In this way you will optimize your cash flow or production program
  • Trades are closed with optional maturity in terms of the Directive and Kyoto Protocol
  • Different types of trade emission permits – EUA, CER
  • Physical delivery is subject to VAT
  • Designed for clients whose entrepreneurship is related directly to emission permits price fluctuations
  • Only in EUR
  • Min. trading volume of EUR 25,000

To get the product you need the contractual documentation to be signed.

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