Short-term Loan (Fixed Instalment)

Loan for short-term financing

  • flexibly and efficiently cover your operational needs
  • draw several term loans at a time
  • attractive interest rate

Short-term Loan Advantages (Fixed Instalment)

  • by a loan we will provide you with a part of funds from the approved credit line, which you draw according to your current operational needs
  • you can draw several term loans at a time
  • drawing dates and loan maturities will be set up according to your requirements
  • loan maturity 14 days - 365 days
  • principal and interests are paid by a single non-cash debit from the current account on the date of maturity of the term loan
  • in case of an approved loan drawing without specified purpose we do not monitor the purpose of use of the funds

You can use the loan also to

  • contract financing (here, however, we monitor the purpose of use)
  • finance warehouse warrants

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