SPORObusiness for an apartment building

A favourable account for apartment owners:

  • most common transactions included in the price
  • services of electronic banking included in the price
  • possibility of account management free of charge

Advantages of the account SPORObusiness for an apartment building

  • account is intended for apartment buildings administered by the building service engineer or Apartment Owners Association,
  • you can obtain it for a favourable price or even completely free of charge,
  • you’ll save money as you pay no fees for the transactions,
  • the price of the account includes the following services:
    • set up and management of the account in EUR,
    • Internetbanking George and Business24,
    • Databanking,
    • electronic account statements equivalent to the paper ones.
  • received and electronically sent payments, standing orders and collections,
  • if your average monthly balance in the account reaches 50 000 €, the account will be administered free of charge,
  • to set up an account you’ll need the following documents according to the form of administration,
    •  apartment building administered by the building service engineer:
      • certificate of ownership from the website www.katasterportal.sk,
      • building administration certificate and business authorization of the building service engineer,
      • identification documents.
    •  apartment owners association:
      • certificate of ownership from the website www.katasterportal.sk,
      • association agreement and extract from the registry of associations,
      • identification documents.

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