Comfortable management of your company’s finances:

  • in EUR and in other currencies
  • also as a subsidy account
  • even before the company is established
  • for the purposes of the social and reserve fund
  • for notarial deposits and the funds from distraint proceedings

Advantages of the accounts SPORObusiness

Accounts in various currencies to choose from

  • in the domestic currency EUR,
  • in a foreign currency (USD, CZK, GBP, HUF, PLN).

For the purposes of remitting subsidies (from the state budget, from structural funds of the EU, from the Agricultural Paying Agency).

You can set them up even before the company is established – to generate registered capital (business company, foundation, non-investment fund, non-profit organization, cooperative).

In order to remit resources to the social and reserve fund you can set up SPORObusiness funds – account management is free of charge.

For funds that you deposited as a notary within your competencies or that you received as a distrainor on behalf of the beneficiary you can use SPORObusiness deposits. Chosen transactions, account statements and account management are free of charge.

To set up your account you need:

  • document on legal personality (original document or officially certified copy of the document),
  • valid identity document of present persons authorised to act on behalf of the company.

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