Cash payments

Daily transactions with your cash

  • cash deposits
  • cash withdrawals
  • cash desk services

Services under cash payments

Since 1 October 2019, the Bank has not been performing:

  • Cash operations – deposits and wthdrawals to / from the Account
  • Foreign exchange services – purchase and sale of funds 

in foreign currency CAD (Canadian dollar) and CHF (Swiss franc).

Cash deposits

  • To your account at Slovenská sporiteľňa
  • To an account of a different recipient at Slovenská sporiteľňa

Cash withdrawal

  • At the largest network of branches in Slovakia
  • By payment card through terminals or at ATMs

Cash desk services

  • Exchange services – buy and sell foreign currency according to the foreign exchange list (only for clients of Slovenská sporiteľňa)
  • Replacement of damaged banknotes and coins
  • Purchase of banknotes in a foreign currency, which are removed from circulation and they are not usually purchased
  • Sale of memorial coins issued by the National Bank of Slovakia

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