Simple and safe purchases via the Internet

  • purchase simply in Internet shops
  • all you need is active Internetbanking
  • simplified payments for merchants

Advantages for buyers of the service Sporopay

  • the service is free of charge
  • all you need is to use Internetbanking
  • ordered goods can be paid for directly from the merchant’s website 
  • after choosing to pay via Sporopay you will be automatically redirected to the websites of e-payments of Slovenská sporiteľňa where you can find a filled-in form
  • finally you will enter a verification code from the SMS key or Electronic personal key and you will approve the payment
  • you will pay comfortably for the goods and then you will just wait for the delivery

Advantages for Internet merchants of the service Sporopay

  • simplify your work and logistics
  • make the purchase easier for your clients
  • a reference to your company will be left on our website
  • immediate compensation is a proof of the client’s genuine interest

Safety of the service

Pay attention to the security components in your browser. The protocol used in the URL address must be HTTPS (https://ib.slsp.sk/) and the lock on your taskbar must remain locked.

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