SMS notification

Be aware of movements on the account via an SMS directly to your mobile phone. You can expect an SMS when:

  • there is movement on the account
  • if a payment was not implemented

Advantages of SMS notification

SMS notification includes:

  • notification of any movement on the account,
  • notification on payment by card, ATM cash withdrawals, implemented and non-implemented payments,

You can change SMS services at any time free of charge via Internetbanking George or the Client Centre.

Price of the service:

For natural persons - entrepreneurs and free professions or companies SMS services Plus
Business Account 100, Business Account 150, Komunal Plus, Komunal Extra, Business Account, Business Account 10, Business Account 50, Komunal, SPORObusiness for residential house, Current account for the nonprofit sector, SPORObusiness donations, SPORObusiness funds, SPORObusiness safekeeping

0,00 €

included in the account fee

Other accounts 2,00 €

SMS services can be changed at any time free of charge via Internet-Banking or the Customer Centre.

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