How we keep you secure

We use state of the art technology

Our banking systems are protected by state of the art technology against external threats and possible risks.

We encrypt data

The communication channel between the bank and the client is also protected by encrypting the data transfer between mobile devices and our systems.

We verify the quality

Thanks to high-quality verification technology, only an authorized person may access your account. We cannot stop access to your account if you provide your login data, PIN codes and the data from your security authentication devices to any other person, or if you have access programs (such as malware) installed on your mobile device.

We will log you out automatically

If you forget to log out from your Internetbanking or the connection between your computer and the bank is inactive for some time, we will log you out automatically.

We provide security for our systems

Our experienced bank security experts assess the information from systems continuously to eliminate the risks and remove potential threats and solve possible problems.

We inform you about transfers on your account

To keep control of your money, we send you information about the transfers on your account through SMS messages or e-mail notifications.

We will deliver electronic bank statements safely to you

We offer you an adequate substitution for the paper form of a statement. Activate the electronic statements from your account through your Internetbanking or Client Centre. This will secure you safe delivery of bank statements according to your choice (Internetbanking, e-mail or SMS).