Secure money envelope

We offer collecting and processing of cash deposits of the company’s clients at a branch office using

  • secure money envelope on the basis of contract

Secure money envelope

Collecting and processing of cash deposits is performed according to the contract by handing over the collected cash in disposable secure money envelopes at branch offices of Slovenská Sporiteľňa.  

Disposable secure money envelopes intended for handing over the cash are provided for the clients free of charge. The cash handed over in the secure money envelope at a branch office will be credited on the same day.

The biggest advantage of using secure money envelopes is the fact that you can use them anytime 24 hours a day by an operative realization of the deposit.

Terms and conditions of use

A precondition for the use of this service is entering into a written contract.


After receiving the secure money envelope and crediting the cash at a branch office the bank verifies the real amount of the received cash by processing it in the regional treasury.

After crediting the cash and verifying the real amount if the regional treasury reveals:

  • negative difference, the bank is authorized to write-off the amount of cash corresponding to the amount of the revealed difference in the currency of the day on which the bank credited the cash,
  • positive difference, the bank will credit the cash amount corresponding to the amount of the revealed difference, not later than 14 days after the handover of the secure money envelope by the client to the bank and the reception of the secure money envelope by the bank.

The client is authorized by a special warrant to transfer the rights and responsibilities related to the handover of cash to the third person (authorized person), e.g.: an employee or a security agency.

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