Current Account for the non-profit sector

Economic solution for non-profits

  • the most common transactions free of charge
  • electronic banking services free of charge
  • 1 cash deposit included in price

Advantages of a current account for the non-profit sector

  • You use your account combined with further services
  • You save on fees for transactions
  • You receive the following services in the price of the account:
  • We consider the following to be non-profit sector entities:
    • foundations
    • non-investment funds
    • non-profit organisations
    • associations registered by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic
    • political parties and movements
  • You need the following in order to open an account:
    • document on legal personality (original document or officially certified copy of the document),
    • valid identity document of present persons authorised to act on behalf of the company.

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