Passbook account Capital

Advantageous combination of availability and appreciation of your funds

  • Two-in-one product advantage
  • Better appreciation of your funds with term deposits
  • Availability on the basis of a non-term part of the product

Advantages of the Passbook account Capital

  • Two-in-one product advantage (term deposit + a non-term deposit product)
  • Term deposit part of the product
    • deposit from €500
    • better interest about 0.1% p.a. more when using the Smart combination
    • interest paid on maturity date
    • possibility to increase or decrease the deposit sum on the maturity date
  • Non-term deposit part of the product
    • minimum deposit is €15
    • interest paid on 31. 12.
  • constant overview of saved funds on your passbook account
  • you may also authorize a third person to use the passbook

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