Kombi Deposit

Premium combination of a term deposit with an investment into the SPORO Active Portfolio mutual fund

  • Higher interest on 1-year term deposit
  • Interesting appreciation within the SPORO Active Portfolio mutual fund
  • Advantageous initial charge

Advantages of the Kombi Deposit

Balanced appreciation, 1/3 comprises of a 1-year term deposit and 2/3 of an investment into the SPORO Active Portfolio mutual fund

1-year term deposit

  • Minimum deposit of €500 – 1/3 of the entire investment
  • Special interest rate of 1.50% p.a.*

SPORO Active Portfolio

  • Potential for a better yield over the recommended investment horizon of 3 to 5 years,
  • Property of the mutual funds consists mostly of debt and some equities investments
  • You can invest from €1,000 – 2/3 of the entire investment
  • Advantageous initial charge is just 0.8% of your investment

What do you need to set it up?

Only your ID card is needed.

*If a client is just a normal client and not an entrepreneur, he will receive an interest rate of  1.50 % p. a. for the Kombi Deposit Premium, if following conditions are met:

a) On the day of opening the Term Deposit, the client also invests into the SPORO Active Portfolio mutual fund

b) And the investment into the SPORO Active Portfolio mutual fund is at least twice as much as the sum deposited into the Deposit Account of the Term Deposit from the day of its opening to the maturity date, but not less than €1,000.

If you don’t meeting any of the above mentioned conditions, the advantageous interest rate will not apply and the bank will pay a basic interest rate of 0.01% p. a. (this basic interest rate will be applied over the entire fixed period). The special interest rate applies to the Kombi deposit for non-business individuals during the first Fixed Term.

Note: The SPORO Active Portfolio mutual fund is managed by Asset Management Slovenská Sporiteľňa, správ. spol., a. s., Tomášikova 48, 832 65 Bratislava, company ID: 35 820 705, registered at the Commercial Registry of the District Court Bratislava I, Section Sa, Insert 2814/B. Investment into mutual funds bears risks. The value of the investment may be also reduced and there is no guarantee for a return of the previously invested sum. Revenues from investment into mutual funds, achieved in the past, are not a guarantee for future revenues. Management of the mutual funds is performed under statute, a saleable prospectus and key information for investors, which are available in all the branches of the asset manager.

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