A modern security tool for payment certificate authentication
in George, George mobile and Business24


A modern security tool for payment certificate authentication in George, George mobile and Business24

  • mToken is a security application for clients using Slovenská sporiteľňa’s electronic banking services,
  • you can use it in George (including the mobile version of George) and the Business24 service intended for companies and entrepreneurs,
  • it transforms your telephone or tablet into an authentication device giving you instant access to your account, payment signing and other financial and non-financial operations,
  • it delivers the benefits of 2-factor verification, a means of authentication that significantly increases security when you work in electronic banking,
  • it also enables you to sign transactions in offline mode, when you have no data connection.

Activation of the mToken application

You can activate the mToken application with your login name and password. You will find your login name in the Contract on Security Items and the password was created by you. If you don’t have a password yet, you can activate it on the login page for the web version of George/Business24, under Password activation. 

Setting up/Change of authorisation method

After entering your login name and password and consenting to the Agreement on the use of mToken via SMS key, you can choose your authorisation method. In iOS you can authorise transactions with a PIN code, your face (Face ID) or your fingerprint (Touch ID). In Android you can make authorisations with a PIN code or your fingerprint. You can change the authorisation method anytime in application settings. If you would also like to use mToken for authorisation of payments in Business24, contact your advisor or the Client centre.