Payments via Google Pay

You can arrange almost everything through mobile now:

  • you do not need your wallet or payment card
  • free application installation
  • payment only by holding the mobile up to the terminal – without opening the application

About Google Pay service

Nowadays you use telephones for almost everything. From now on you can even pay by them. Just add your debit, loyalty or gift cards to Google Pay service and your can start shopping in stores, applications or on the internet.

Pay in stores by telephone

You do not need to take out cash or a payment card at the cash desk any more. With Google Pay, you do not have to interrupt what you are currently doing on the telephone. It is enough to hold the mobile up to the terminal and you even do not have to open the application.

Easy payments in applications and on the internet

With Google Pay service, there is no need to enter card data any more each time when you install a new application. When paying, you simply choose Google Pay as an option and done, the payment is made.


You do not need your wallet or payment card to pay for the shopping

You can download the application fast and easily in Google Play store

You can pay by mobile at any merchants accepting contactless payments

Free download and activation of Google Pay application

Just hold it up to the terminal and it is done. There is no need to open the application when paying

Your payment data is encrypted using SSL technology and if you lose your phone, you can localise it through the find my device service

Download Google Pay to your mobile for free

Installation guide and payment procedure

  1. Many telephones already have the Google Pay application pre-installed. If not, launch the Google Play application in your smartphone. (A device with Android in Lollipop 5.0 or higher version with NFC support is necessary.)
  2. Write Google Pay in the search field (upper part of the screen).
  3. Tap on the application and then on the Install button.
  4. After confirmation with Agree button, the application will initiate installation.
  5. Add your card into the application. If you already have a debit card assigned to your Google account, you can add it by completing a few details.
  6. You will receive a single SMS code to complete the installation. You can also complete the installation by calling the Contact Centre of Slovenská sporiteľňa.

Sporotip: If your smartphone is equipped with NFC technology, you do not even have to open the application when paying. It is enough to wake up or unlock the phone and hold its rear side up to the payment terminal of the merchant.

  1. Wake up or unlock the telephone.
  2. Hold the rear side of the telephone up to the contactless payment terminal.
  3. Done

Sporotip: Transactions over EUR 20 may only be made with an unlocked screen.

  1. If the application enables payment via Google Pay, click on one of these payment buttons: Play / Play on Google (symbols)
  2. A notice might appear to choose the payment method and enter the delivery address before order confirmation.

Sporotip: In some applications you can save your payment and delivery details for future purchases.

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