Advantageous profit risk ratio

  • long-term and medium-term investment

Bonds specification

Government bonds:

  • high-liquidity securities issued by the state,
  • offering a yield with a lower risk,
  • tradable on capital markets,
  • for long-term investment.

Corporate bonds:

  • securities issued by an entrepreneur,
  • more risky investment in comparison with government bonds,
  • lower liquidity than government bonds,
  • tradable on capital markets,
  • for medium-term and long-term investment.

Covered bonds

  • issued by a bank,
  • covered by receivables from mortgage loans,
  • tradable on capital markets,
  • for long-term investment,
  • you trade in all global and regional currencies/public and organized markets,
  • we will provide you national, as well as foreign bonds,
  • to obtain this product you have to sign contractual documentation.