Personal items & card insurance

Losing personal documents or a mobile phone
doesn’t have to hurt

Benefits of insurance

Have you ever wondered about the value of the things you normally carry on you? Theft of a mobile phone or tablet or the loss of personal documents and keys not only makes life unpleasant but can cost you a lot. With insurance of your card and personal items you needn’t worry in such a situation:

  • Security around the world
  • Compensation in the case of the loss or theft of personal documents and wallet
  • Compensation for stolen items

What is included in the insurance

Insurance of personal items and of the card will assist you:

  • in the case of the loss or theft of your wallet, personal documents, keys or glasses;
  • in the case of the theft of a mobile phone, tablet or notebook;
  • and moreover, the insurance applies around the world.

Choose the variant that suits you best:

How to report a loss

In the case of an insured event it is necessary to report it through the form Notice of Insured Event – Insurance of Personal Items and Card. Please send the completed form to – Poisťovňa Cardif Slovakia, a. s., Plynárenská 7/C, 821 09 Bratislava.

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