Legal protection insurance

Don’t worry about an unaccepted claim or undelivered goods

  • legal advice over the phone 24-hours a day
  • payment of legal proceedings costs
  • for bank clients and their family members

Advantages of the insurance

Legal proceedings are often a final recourse for protecting yourself and your family’s interests. Such action can involve significant financial expenditure, however, and it is very time-consuming. Think how legal protection insurance could help you navigate the legal jungle. 

With legal protection insurance, you can be sure that a lawyer will be available for any problems that arise. Now there is no need to worry about rejected claims or undelivered goods:

  • legal advice by phone within 24 hours every day
  • payment of litigation costs
  • no need to know the law or lawyers, we will be happy to help you pursue your legal interests
  • whatever the problem, contact the insurance company and an experienced lawyer will give you professional advice you can understand
  • insurance can be arranged quickly and conveniently by telephone
  • insurance is trouble-free: you can pay the premium by standing order from your account at Slovenská sporiteľňa.
  • for bank clients and their family members
  • the insurance also covers disputes related to motor vehicles

What insurance covers

How to report an incident

In the event of an insured event, contact the assistance service directly:

  • non-stop: 18 118, + 421 2 63 532 236 
  • e-mail: or 

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