Household insurance

Live in a peaceful home. We will guide you to the best insurance

  • Protect your household’s furniture and appliances
  • insurance can be arranged easily by phone
  • insurance starts at EUR 0.07 per day
  • free assistance services

Advantages of insurance

  • deductible EUR 0 
  • washing machine insurance includes “breakdown for any reason”
  • household insurance for a temporary residence address 
  • when you move to a new home, the insurance covers both households 
  • insurance against liability for damage to health or property is automatically included in insurance 
  • free assistance services + extended guarantee on electrical appliances up to 48 months

What insurance covers

Combined natural hazards - fire, explosion, direct or indirect lightning strike, flood, storm or hail, landslide, burst plumbing, transport accidents, precipitation etc.

Other risks - vandalism, theft or robbery, electrical faults in motors, damage/destruction of glass, water damage due to blocked drains etc.

How to report an incident

  • Non-stop central helpdesk for incidents  0850 200 200
  • from abroad +421 2 57 281 670
  • or you can report incidents online using   

Assistance services will help you if:

  • your door is stuck because of a lost or broken key
  • an insured event makes your house of flat uninhabitable
  • if your home becomes infested with insects or other pests

If you require assistance, contact GLOBAL ASSISTANCE SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. 18 118, from abroad: +421 2 635 322 36.

When you report an insured event, a technician will contact you within 24 hours to agree on the next step in handling it, including the time and place for an inspection of the damaged insured property.

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