Non cash payments

Pay in comfort with the electronic banking services.

Non-cash payment tools

Payment order


Used for the transfer of funds from your account to the account of the chosen recipient.


One-time payment order

  • Used for single payments or transfers
  • May be single or collective
  • Proof of payment will be automatically part of the bank statement

Standing order

  • Will execute regular set payments automatically
  • Secures trouble-free payments for e.g. savings, rent
  • It enables you to set a maximum balance limit, which if exceeded, will automatically transfer the excess funds to another account, determined by you  (saving account, deposit account, or any other type of account)

Advantages of a standing order

  • It saves time and money
  • You don’t have to watch dates and pay attention to regular transfers
  • Avoid mistakes which can occur when making single transfers

Direct debit approval


Use it for regular payments when the amount does not change.


Direct debit approval

  • Serves for an acceptance of payment orders you have undertaken
  • Paid on the grounds of a request – payment order on a set due date
  • It is appropriate for payments such as telecommunication services, SIPO

Advantages of the Direct debit approval

  • You don’t have to watch the dates and amounts of payments
  • You save time
  • It saves you money, as fees are much higher for single payment orders

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