What is the minimum amount worth investing?

The amount of an investment is different. Before investing the client should decide how much risk he is ready to take during the investment, or what return he wants. Clients can be divided into three groups:

Conservative investor – prefers investment safety against the return. These clients invest in conservative funds or other bank products. These clients establish term deposits for savings accounts where their finances are protected by the Fund for the protection of deposits.

Balanced investor - this client is ready to endure some risk to get a higher return. These clients invest the greater part of their money in conservative funds, or they look for combined investment opportunities (part of their money is deposited, for example, in a term deposit and part in funds).

Dynamic investor – is ready to face high risk, i.e. he is ready to invest with a higher risk to get the highest return. These clients invest the most in mixed or share funds. 

The minimum investment is 500 € (or for SIP funds 3,000 €) for single investments from 10 € (or for SIP funds 50 €) can be saved regularly each month.