Easy and safe purchases through the internet

  • easy purchases in internet stores
  • you only need to activate Internetbanking George

Advantages for consumers

  • You pay no extra fees when using Sporopay,
  • You pay directly through the webpage of the store for the ordered goods,
  • after choosing to pay with Sporopay it will automatically direct you to Internetbanking George, where a pre-filled payment order will be waiting for you,
  • to complete the transaction, enter the security item and then confirm the payment,
  • You can pay for goods easily and just sit back and wait for your delivery.

How to purchase through Sporopay

On the webpage of an internet store select the goods or service which you are interested in and place in the virtual shopping basket. After checking them, confirm the order.

If you are a client of Slovenská Sporiteľňa using the Internetbanking service, we recommend that you select the Sporopay service to make your payment. It is an easy way to pay for your goods and you can just sit back and wait for the courier to arrive with your purchases.

How does it work when paying through the Sporopay service?

The online store using the Sporopay service will direct you automatically after you decide to pay by Sporopay to the e-payments webpage of Slovenská Sporiteľňa, a. s. You will see a pre-filled payment order form where you add the account number from which you want to make the payment. At the end of the form write in the verification code generated through the security item and you will only send the payment.

The bank just checks the data is correct for the payment order and has the correct verification code, which also serves for the verification of the identity of a client. In the next step you will authorize the payment. After completing the payment you will be redirected back to the webpage of the store.

The payment will be processed immediately after the confirmation by the client. Notification about the payment execution will be immediately in the form of an e-mail message, SMS or the push notification.