Transfer your personal account to us

Step 1.

Keep the account with us

Choose for example the Personal Account or the Personal Account Exclusive and move your income to this account.

You will receive numerous advantages

  • Unlimited number of non-cash transactions and many other bank products and services
  • The possibility to also use the account without a fee
  • Bonus for certain payments with your payment card
  • The possibility to open a Savings account
  • Better interest on deposits and loans

Space account Student is designed for students aged 15 to 26 with an unlimited number of the most frequently used non-cash transactions.

Space account Young is designed for younger people aged 15 even up to 28, with an unlimited number of the most frequently used non-cash transactions and with the possibility to reduce the fee by 50% with a certificate of studies.

SPOROgiro Senior is designed for pensioners, while it is also possible to issue a payment card for the account. It is also possible to get better interest on deposits and loans.

Step 2.

Complete the application for moving your account

If you are willing to terminate your account at your previous bank, firstly settle your liabilities there (e.g. authorized overdraft, payment card, electronic banking).

Submit this application at any branch of Slovenská Sporiteľňa, or get your signature on the Application officially certified (notary or registry office) and send it to Slovenská Sporiteľňa by mail.

Step 3.

Let the banks handle it for you

The banks will handle the communication between them instead of you and will take care of the transfer of your account as well.